SV 803

Building & Ground Vibration Monitoring Station

The SV 803, a new wireless vibration monitor from Svantek, represents the cutting edge of high-technology monitoring devices. Specifically designed for wireless vibration monitoring of both building and ground vibrations in a variety of environmental conditions, this device utilizes geophones as its primary vibration sensors. Geophones are well-known for their high sensitivity and, more importantly, their minimal impact on battery life. This means that the SV 803 can measure vibrations for prolonged periods without the need for frequent battery charging. The vibration monitoring terminal features a battery life of up to 6 months and, when connected to a solar panel, it can sustain ongoing operation.

Class 1 wireless vibration monitoring system

The new SV 803 vibration monitor has been engineered to meet the rigorous performance specifications of Class 1 as outlined in ISO 4866, BS 7385-1, and DIN 45669-1. These superior specifications enable the device to conduct building and ground vibration monitoring in accordance with measurement techniques outlined in DIN 4150-3 and BS 7385-2. The Class 1 classification of the device makes it an ideal choice for both engineering analysis and field monitoring, as it is capable of providing reliable and accurate measurements.